What our team members say

What our team members say


I started working for care at home as an experienced care worker, I knew I wanted to progress and when the opportunity for Senior Care Worker was advertised I applied. I was successful and I have built a great relationship with the team I support.



I had never worked in care before and when I applied for the job and was selected for an interview I was really excited, though very nervous. I felt relaxed at the interview and everything was explained in huge detail. I knew then that I wanted to work with such a friendly and passionate team. The training I received was fantastic and I learnt so much, I have been and I still am supported during my day. I’m really happy in  my job.


Working for Care at Home has changed my life. I now have a meaningful job which I love doing. When I applied for the job I had never done care work before. I used to work at the bookies and it was the same thing every day. Now I never know what I am walking into and everyday is different. During the interview Anne said she would like to put me onto a ‘develop me’ programme, which of course I am keen to do. This job is a career for me which I can build on and I am extremely thankful for the opportunity.


I ‘fell’ into care whilst at university and haven’t looked back since! I began working part-time, mostly in the evenings so I could continue with my studies and raise my children. Working for Care at Home enabled me to work flexible hours doing a job that I enjoy and gain job satisfaction. Whilst raising my six children I was able to complete my NVQ 2 and NVQ 3 in Health and Social Care as well as gaining qualifications in Palliative Care, Dementia Care, Safe administration of medication, become a Dementia Link Worker and Train the Trainer in Moving and Handling. Working for Care at Home has enabled me to gain numerous qualifications and enhance my knowledge to ensure that I am able to provide an excellent service of care and support and enabled me to make a career of working in the care sector. I have progressed from being a Care Assistant to a Senior Carer, to a Field Support Officer, to a Deputy Manager. The support and encouragement I have received from work colleagues and my managers has enabled me to develop as a confident, positive person, who enjoys working as part of a team doing a job I love.


I have worked for Care at Home for a year. This role is so different from any other I have ever done as I worked in a building society previously. I have learnt so much in my first year here and gained lots of knowledge and this has been possible with the support and help of the whole team. The team spirit is fantastic and everyone helps each other out. It is not unusual to be working out in the field alongside office staff and managers. I recently won Carer of the Month which is voted by my colleagues and this was a great honour.


I worked for a large company within their Fraud department. This left me feeling frustrated, unsatisfied and unhappy most days. I wanted a complete career change and after speaking to Care at Home I decided that I needed to feel fulfilled in my daily life and this was the right move for me.

I started my journey with Care at Home carrying out care work and learnt so much about how people should  to be treated with dignity and respect, something we all take for granted. I wanted to develop myself further so I applied for a coordinators role. I wasn’t successful and looking back and having positive feedback as to why I understood, I needed to learn more around being hands on and how I could then support staff in the field as my experience grew.

I reapplied for the post six months later and was successful.

My knowledge was greater and I am able to give staff the support they need. I know the clients and the areas they live in and this is key to being an effective coordinator.  Being supported is something that everyone needs and I wouldn’t be in this job now if I didn’t have the correct support from Care at Home to help me on my journey.

These are just a few stories of how much it means to be happy in your daily role and to give others the care and support they deserve. If you too would like to be part of a team and not be a payroll number call us for a chat.