Research suggests lockdown three has discouraged exercise for many people

When the first lockdown in England began in 2020, many people experienced a sense of novelty due to the extra free time they had and the need to get in one walk per day.

However, during the third lockdown two-fifths of people say they are doing less exercise and are sitting down for longer periods.

According to a survey, these people are either watching more TV and films or gaming more.

On the other hand, a third of respondents are working more, and time spent on volunteering and indulging in hobbies have decreased.

Additionally, due to the lack of certainty for the future, particularly when the third lockdown will end, scientists suggest that people have found this lockdown more difficult than before. This time around, many are focused on just coping with their lives.

Dr Daisy Fancourt from University College London, who led this research, revealed that “it is not surprising that the current lockdown has seen fewer people exercising than the first, taking place as it does during the winter months.

“But this is still a cause for concern, as exercise can boost not just physical, but also mental, wellbeing.

“It also hints that the novelty of increased free time that came with the first lockdown has worn thin among much of the population, with many turning towards television and gaming to fill their time.”

The research studied 70,000 participants for more than 40 weeks. Over the last few weeks, the participants reported the following changes during the third lockdown:

  • 40 per cent are exercising less, while 13 per cent are exercising more
  • 36 per cent reported reduced involvement with arts and crafts, while 11 per cent reported more
  • 30 per cent were less engaged with their hobbies, such as DIY and gardening
  • 36 per cent spent less time volunteering, while 13 per cent are volunteering more
  • 19 per cent are watching more TV or streamed more films, and 13 per cent are watching less

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