Lockdown 3.0: Supporting elderly loved one’s mental health

Understandably, during the third lockdown in England, many people’s mental health will experience challenges. Therefore, it is vital to check on your loved ones, especially those in isolation, such as elderly relatives.

The UK’s leading charity for older people, Age UK, warns that the following signs could indicate an elderly loved one is suffering from depression:

  • Neglecting their diet (food storage areas are empty in their housing)
  • Neglecting their appearance
  • Poor hygiene
  • They reveal little joy when people visit them

However, depression does have many symptoms and presents itself differently within each person, so it is crucial to look out for any alarming changes.

If your loved one does display these signs, it is beneficial to show that you are there to accept, care and listen to them, without judgement or impatience.

You could assist them by encouraging them to carry out mundane tasks, whether that is helping them eat, going for a walk, brushing their teeth or putting some clothes away. The crucial thing to remember is to be patient and kind to them.

If you cannot support them in person, try to stay in contact with your loved one.

At Care at Home, our dedicated team of professionally trained home care assistants work closely with our clients to assist with their day-to-day living requirements and help ensure they live as full and independent a life as possible.

For more information or advice, contact us today.

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