Leaked NHS policy aims to strengthen NHS services

The Government plans to reverse NHS reforms in England, first introduced under David Cameron in 2012, according to a leaked draft policy.

These proposed changes aim to support NHS services more and strengthen the relationship of hospitals, GP surgeries, and social care, enabling them to work closely to improve patient care.

The Department for Health and Social Care has not commented on the leaks. However, a spokesman reports that the details of the policy paper are yet to come.

One revealed detail is that the Health Secretary would take more direct control over NHS England.

Health news website Health Policy Insight published the White Paper, which provides detail of the proposed legislation.

There will be “enhanced powers of direction for the government” to “ensure that decision-makers overseeing the health system at a national level are effectively held to account”.

This new system enables the NHS and local authorities to collaborate and run services without private companies being involved.

The Covid pandemic “demonstrated plainly that this broader approach to health and care is not only desirable but essential”, says the White Paper.

Chief Executive of Health Charity the King’s Fund, Richard Murray, commented; the proposals enable a “major reform”, providing ministers more direct control of the NHS and public health, but timing is essential.

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