Check on the elderly living alone this winter

Currently, in the UK, there are more than 2.1 million over the age of 65 living alone.

Therefore, this winter we are urging people to check on potentially vulnerable neighbours and relatives during the cold weather to ensure they are keeping warm.

Residents that live in rural areas are more likely to find it difficult to keep warm during the winter. This is because their houses are older and less well insulated, making it harder to warm the home effectively.

Statistics revealed that 30 per cent of people over the age of 65 and living in a rural area are at greater risk of developing health problems, such as respiratory conditions, which are known to be made worse when the temperature drops.

The trade association for the oil heating industry in UK, OFTEC, are encouraging individuals to regularly check on older relatives and friends to ensure they are taking care of themselves over the colder months.

OFTEC has also shared their top tips to help and advise you on how to help the elderly keep warm this winter.

First of all, make sure all main rooms are heated to at least 21C and other commonly used rooms kept at 18C.

Likewise, ensure that the heating is set to come on at the right times and radiators are turned off in unused rooms.

If a house uses heating oil, then make sure there is plenty of oil in the tank.

Finally, check the boiler has recently been serviced by a registered technician.

Together by offering support to elderly individuals living alone we can help avoid any unnecessary deaths.

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