Age UK want to see greater investment in social care

A leading charity has urged the Government to increase its investment in social care.

New analysis by Age UK revealed that the amount spent on services is equivalent to less than four per cent of the annual NHS budget.

Now the charity is calling for more funds to be pumped into social care, with warnings that the help available for over 65s is under serious strain.

Caroline Abrahams, Age UK’s director, said: “The NHS is one of the nation’s ‘crown jewels’ and quite rightly is always a top priority for public funds.

“But it is struggling to cope at present and this is partly because in recent years social care has been allowed to wither away.

“If we invested one extra pound in social care for every twenty-seven the NHS spends each year we could give the million older people with an unmet care need the help they require.”

The charity recently found that 2.5 million NHS bed days were lost over five years as older people waited too long for essential social care, leaving them stuck in hospital.

Influential think tank, the King’s Fund, has already made the case that the health service and social care provision should be merged with the idea winning support among some senior Labour politicians.

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